Mail Us Your Film

We have been developing film for 25 years and we encourage you to mail us your film for processing, scanning, and prints. Our in house turnaround time is usually only three days. We will email you a link to the files corrected to your specifications.

Mail Order Specials

Develop any 35mm or 120 color or black and white film for $7.00. Develop 220 for $14.00.

Add a digital scan of your roll of film:

  • E-Scan (low res) - $5.00/roll
  • Print Scan (medium res) - $7.00/roll
  • Deluxe Scan (high res) - $15.00/roll

For sprocket scans, add $10.00 handling fee per roll to above digital scan price. New! We can now email you a URL with your scans for downloading - no more waiting for CDs.

Add a complete set of final prints for $13.00 more for 35/120 film, $20.00 more for 220 film.

Please specify matte or glossy if printing, and choose a border style.

You can request a padded photomailer by contacting us OR you can print out our label here and use your own envelope. Please include your return address on any mail you send us. Remember the fastest, most reliable shipping method is priority mail or something that can be tracked or insured.

Payment: Include your credit card info on our order form.

Mail Order Form
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Wedding and Portrait Photographers

We scan film using a NORITSU S2 stand alone dedicated film scanner. We offer 4 file size options for 35mm and 3 file size options for 120 film. We do baseline density, contrast, and color corrections, or we do a complete correction upon request at no extra charge. If you have special needs or a style you would like us to match, do not hesitate to ask.

Contact us for help or questions.