Mail Us Your Film

We have been developing film for over 25 years and have worked with photographers from all over the country. Whether you’ve been shooting film for years, or you are just getting started, whether you live down the street, or in the middle of nowhere, mail us your film and you can expect our in-house turnaround to be only up to 3 days.

All scans are emailed to you as a downloadable link for $1. CD for the same price upon request.

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(Minimum order amount is $5.)

Mailing film

Film development prices
Film Development Price
35mm color or B&W film $8.00
120 color or B&W film $8.00
220 color or B&W film $16.00
35mm or 120 Slide Film $10.00

Add a digital scan of your roll of film:

Scan Format Price
Print Scan $7.00
5x7 Scan (35mm only) $10.00
Deluxe Scan $15.00/roll
Super Deluxe Scan $25.00/roll

New! We can now email you a URL with your scans for downloading - no more waiting for CDs.

Add a complete set of final prints for $13.00 more for 35/120 film, $20.00 more for 220 film.

Please specify matte or glossy if printing, and choose a border style. You can request a padded photomailer by contacting us OR you can print out our label here and use your own envelope.

Download our address label. Please include your return address on any mail you send us. Remember the fastest, most reliable shipping method is priority mail or something that can be tracked or insured.

Payment: Include your credit card info on our order form.