Mail Us Your Film

We have been processing film for over 25 years and have worked with photographers from all over the country. Whether you've been shooting film for years, or you are just getting started, whether you live down the street, or in the middle of nowhere, mail us your film and you can expect our in-house turnaround to be 3-5 days upon receipt of film.

You can now submit your order online ahead of time for more expedited service! And there is always the option of downloading the form and mailing it in with your rolls. We have provided a prepaid address label below for you to mail in your film and then you can either pick up your negatives in store or for an additional fee have them shipped back to you. We will email you when we have received your package. 

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Mailing film

Additional Information:

All scans delivered via emailed download link for $1 for the entire order (make sure to add that to your total on the form). Note, your download link expires after 14 days.

Note on file size and viewing: File sizes above are based on pixel dimensions. Jpeg files may display smaller disk sizes, to see actual pixel size: open in Photoshop>Image>Image Size. For scans made from 120 film, the file specs listed are approximate sizes from 6x6 negatives. 

Add a complete set of prints for $14.00/roll for 36 exposures and all 120 film. $10/roll for 24/27 exposures.

Please specify matte or glossy if printing, and choose a border style. We will default to lustre/borderless prints if you do not specify. 

If you do not specify if you want your negatives cut or uncut we will default to cut.

If you are sending 220 film please call ahead so we can go over how to fill out the form. 

Please include your return address on any mail you send us. 

Payment: Include your credit card info on our order form, or indicate if you are a returning customer with a card on file, we do not accept checks.


Film Development Price
35mm color or B&W film $9.00
120 color or B&W film $9.00
220 color or B&W film $16.00
35mm or 120 Slide Film $10.00

Add a digital scan of your roll of film:

Scan Format Price
Standard $8.00/roll
Deluxe $10.00/roll
Deluxe TIFF  $16.00/roll
Super Deluxe  $25.00/roll

File specs (file sizes/pixel dimensions are approximate):

Standard: 35mm film is 255dpi at 4x6in  // 1544 x 1024 pixels //120 film is 255dpi at 4x4in //  1024x 1024 pixels // 4.5MB JPG
Deluxe JPG: 35mm is 300dpi at 6.5x10in // 3088 x 2048 pixels ||| 120 film is 300dpi at 5x5in // 2048x2048 pixels // 18.4MB JPG
Deluxe TIFF: 35mm film is 300dpi  6.5x10in // 3088 x 2048 pixels // 120 film is 300dpi  6x6in // 2048 x 2048 pixels // 18.4MB TIFF
Super Deluxe: 35mm film is 300dpi at 12x18in // 120 fim is 300dpi at 12x12in // 5444 x 3649 pixels // 55.3MB TIFF
                       120 film is 300dpi at 12x12in // 3650 x 3650 pixels // 54.3MB TIFF