Our roots are in film processing. We process 35mm, 110, 120, 220 and 4x5 in color, black & white and E6 (slide) with the option of regular processing or cross processing your color negative or slide film. Negatives are returned to you either uncut and sleeved in boxes, or cut and sleeved in archival print file pages. We always offer the highest quality developing services, and take pride in continuing the tradition of film by processing, scanning and printing in-house.

Feel free to email us at with questions. You can also stop by our Market Street shop to speak to our counter staff and place an order or mail in your film.

Film equipment

Additional Information:

If you are just starting out with film and aren't sure what you need the most important thing to keep in mind is that Processing (or Developing) refers to the process of putting your film through chemistry to produce negatives, if you want prints or scans (digital copies) that is a separate charge. We process 35mm, 120, 110 and 4x5 film, we accept disposable cameras (which have 35mm film inside). Color negative and slide film are often referred to by their chemical codes, color film is also called c41 and slide film is also called E6. We can only process slide film that is marked E6, if you have older rolls of slide make sure to check that the roll says E6 on either the canister or the label. We process black and white film as well, always referred to as black & white, which gets processed in Ilfotec chemistry. 

Turnaround time

Turnaround time varies and is largely dependant on the type/amount of film you have as well as our current workload. In general color film takes 1-2 business days, black & white film takes 2-3 business days and slide film takes 4-5 business days. We do not do any production on Sundays and only process black & white and slide film during the week. 




35mm Color Processing (C-41), Black & White and Disposable Cameras

Service Price
Film Processing $9.00
Push/Pull $3.00
Snip Test $5.00

120 / 220 Color Processing (C-41) and Black & White

Service Price
120 Film Processing $9.00
220 Film Processing $18.00
Push/Pull $3.00
Snip Test $5.00

4x5 Color (C-41) and Black & White Sheet Film

Service Price
Processing $5.00

Slide Processing (E6)

Service Price
Unmounted $12.00
120 $12.00
220 $24.00
4x5 Sheet Film $7.00
Push/Pull $3.00
Snip Test $10.00