With Di-bond your prints are flush mounted to brushed aluminum resulting in a lightweight and modern display piece. Dibond is a rigid archival surface that won’t bow over time, providing a long-lasting and sleek look.

Feel free to email us at info@photoworkssf.com for suggestions on how large your file can be printed. If you need a custom-sized print you can email us for more information on how to set that up online. You can also stop by our Market Street shop to speak to our counter staff and see samples of our prints in person.

Order now (Minimum order amount is $15)

Size Price With Hanging Back Frame
8 x 10$65$105
8 x 12$70$110
8.5 x 11$70$110
9 x 12$70$110
10 x 14$75$115
11 x 14$80$120
11 x 17$95$135
12 x 16$95$135
12 x 18$110$160
13 x 19$115$165
15 x 15$115$165
16 x 20$130$180
16 x 24$140$205
18 x 24$145$210
20 x 20$140$205
20 x 24$195$260
20 x 30$200$265
24 x 36$225$290
30 x 40$250$325
30 x 45$275$375
32 x 48$300$400
40 x 40$325$425
40 x 60$400$525

Additional Information

You can order di-bond with or without wall mounting hardware; we offer a metal frame with a wire (see picture) if you want a piece that is ready to hang. Di-bond is a lightweight material, only 1/8'' thick, comprised of two aluminum sheets with a solid polyethylene core, making it incredibly rigid. Custom sizes are available upon request, please inquire via email at info@photworkssf.com before placing an order. The mounting cost does not include print cost, you can find the cost for standard digital prints here and fine art prints here.

Turnaround Time

Mounting to di-bond adds 4-5 business days to your print order,  we will contact you when the order is ready. If you need something expedited please contact us before placing the order. Orders are available for pick up an hour before closing and for 30 days after ready date.