Dibond Brushed Aluminum photo mount is a lightweight but rigid finish, combining a sleek and modern aesthetic with ease of use. With the included hanging brace, this is a polished and lasting option to display your work. Dibond is 3mm.

Custom sizes available upon inquiry. Ready to hang.

Order now (Minimum order amount is $10.)

Dibond detail

Dibond mounted prints come with a wooden frame with wire attached to the back of the piece, allowing it to be hung on the wall.

Additional Info:

Turnaround time

Add 4-5 business days to print turnaround (no weekend ready times).

Size Price
12 x 18 $80
16 x 20 $95
16 x 24 $100
20 x 20 $110
20 x 24 $120
20 x 30 $130
24 x 36 $150
30 x 40 $175
40 x 40 $200
40 x 60 $260

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