A more sturdy type of board mounting, this longer-lasting option is great for sprucing up your home or office. Having an art show? Gatorboard is an affordable alternative to framing, a rigid, light surface, it will give your prints an effortlessly modern look. With both the digital and fine art papers to choose from you can be sure to get a finished product that will look professional in any setting.

Feel free to email us at for suggestions on what surfaces your photos would look best on or how large your files can be printed. You can also stop by our Market Street shop to speak to our counter staff and see samples of our mounted prints in person.

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Mounted print

Additional Information

We only carry black, 3/16'' thick, gatorboard. Gatorboard, while it looks the same as foamcore, is a more rigid material that will last longer without bowing and withstands more wear and tear. If you are mounting prints larger than 16x24 we highly recommend gator over foam. Mounting prices do not include the print cost, you have the option of printing on any of the papers we carry, you can look through pricing for our standard digital paper here and our fine art paper here. You have two options for gatorboard mounted prints, you can get them with or without a brace which changes how you would hang the prints. If you mount without a brace the print is adhered to the board and nothing else, with the brace we also attach a wooden frame with a wire going across (see picture) so you can hang the piece on a nail and have it float off the wall about 1/2''. 

Foamcore detail

Turnaround Time

Mounting will add 2-3 days to your print turnaround time, not including weekends, we will contact you when your pieces are ready. Orders are ready for pick up an hour before closing on the due date and for 30 days after. We can ship mounted prints, shipping costs will vary and we may contact you to adjust the pricing. 

Size Without Brace With Brace
8 x 10$35$75
8 x 12$40$80
8 x 24$55$95
8.5 x 11$35$75
9 x 12$35$75
10 x 10$40$80
10 x 14$45$85
10 x 30$70$110
10 x 40$90$160
11 x 14$40$85
11 x 17$45$90
12 x 12$40$85
12 x 16$45$90
12 x 18$50$100
12 x 36$95$145
12 x 48$100$165
13 x 19$60$110
14 x 20$65$115
15 x 15$60$110
16 x 16$65$115
16 x 20$70$120
16 x 24$85$150
18 x 24$90$155
20 x 20$85$150
20 x 24$90$155
20 x 30$95$160
20 x 40$95$160
24 x 30$95$160
24 x 36$100$165
24 x 72$145$210
30 x 30$110$175
30 x 40$120$185
30 x 45$135$235
32 x 48$140$240
35 x 35$130$230
36 x 48$145$245
40 x 40$140$240
40 x 50$150$250
40 x 60$160$260
40 x 70$170$270
40 x 80$190$290