Photoworks prints professional portfolio headshots on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper. When auditions are around the corner we are here to help you with fast turnarounds on bulk printing. Need your name added to the file? Check out our border and font options for a layout that works with your style. It's easy to order through our online store or drop by to get advice from our experienced counter staff.

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Additional Information

Headshots are printed on the same paper as our standard digital prints, get more information on the material here. If you order less than 100 copies of your headshot the pricing works the same as for standard 8x10 digital prints. We will look at your files before printing and ensure that it will work for the standard headshot size, but we can also go a step further and create a layout with your name added to the print. Layouts are $25 per file (not per print) and you have six text areas and a variety of fonts and border styles to choose from.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround is 1-2 business days, not including Sundays. Expediting is possible for an additional fee. Orders are available for pick up an hour before closing on the due date and for 30 days after. 

Lots of 100
100 8 x 10s $150
200 8 x 10s $280
300+ 8 x 10s $390
Layout Options:

Text Style and Placement

Your name can either go floating above the image itself or on a border. There are six text areas: top left, top middle, top right, bottom left, bottom middle, or bottom right. There are ten font choices, here you can see the different styles:

Available Fonts

Border Styles

If you aren't adding text you don't need to add a layout to your order to get a border on the print, you have the same border options as you would when ordering digital prints. If you are adding a layout with your name you don't need to add a border, we can float the text above the image, however, we may recommend a border when the text can't float above the image and still be legible.