Our roots are in film developing. We process 35mm (including disposible cameras), 110, 120, 220 and 4x5 in color (c41), black & white and slide (E6). We take pride in continuing the tradition of film by processing in house. 

  • Negatives are returned uncut and sleeved in boxes, or cut and sleeved in archival print file pages
  • Turnaround time varies. In general color film takes 1-2 business days, black & white film takes 2-3 business days and slide film takes 4-5 business days.
  • We cannot develop APS film, E4, or ECN-2 film

Film equipment


35mm Color Developing (C-41), Black & White and Disposable Cameras

Service Price
Film Processing $9.00
Push/Pull $3.00
Snip Test $5.00

120 / 220 Color Developing (C-41) and Black & White

Service Price
120 Film Processing $9.00
220 Film Processing $18.00
Push/Pull $3.00
Snip Test $5.00

4x5 Color (C-41) and Black & White Sheet Film

Service Price
Processing $7.00

Slide Developing (E6)

Service Price
35mm Unmounted $15.00
120 $15.00
220 $30.00
4x5 Sheet Film $12.00
Push/Pull $3.00
Snip Test $10.00

New to this? Developing is the essential step where your film gets put through chemistry to produce an image.

So what’s next? Once the film is processed we can scan or print it to create photos!