Fine Art Prints

We believe that fine art printing should be accessible to everyone, whether you're a professional photographer or an aspiring amateur, we can help you make a beautiful print. With this process, it's all about the tactile sensation of the paper. Smooth, textured, toothy, velvety, perhaps a nice sheen, we encourage you to stop by the shop and feel for yourself. If you're ordering from out of town, email us your image and we can recommend something just right. We use archival ink and a variety of acid-free fine art papers from the best brands in the business to create lasting works of art.

Feel free to email us at for suggestions on how large your file can be printed. If you need a custom sized print you can call 415-626-6800 or email for more information on how to set that up online. You can also stop by our Market Street shop to speak to our counter staff and see samples of our prints in person.

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Additional Information

All Fine Art products are printed on either our Canon or Epson inkjet printers which have an incredibly large color spectrum using archival pigment ink sets, providing better scratch resistance and smoother gradations. All papers are archival and acid-free which help to prevent ageing.   

Fine Art print coming out of printer detail





Turnaround Time

Prints take 4 business days, excluding weekends. They are available for pickup an hour before closing on the due date and anytime after for 30 days. 

Paper Options & Pricing

Tier 1

Arista Photograde Metallic

Exuding the quality of silver halide darkroom papers, this metallic finish is suited for commercial photography and any application that requires stunning image quality. Those Golden Gate shots look great on this, too!

Canson Premium High Gloss Resin Coated

PhotoGloss Premium RC consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free art paper coated with polyethylene and a microporous color receiver layer. The enhanced coating finish offers a stunning gloss effect which meets the requirements our customers have always demanded. PhotoGloss offers exceptional blacks as well as a wide color gamut and is ideal to produce stunning color photographs. It also exceeds the expectations of true professional photographic paper and has been designed to comply with the highest lifespan requirements.

Epson Cold Press Bright

Acid free, 100% cotton rag paper with a bright, textured finish as well as an extremely high color gamut and black density. Optimized for Ultra Chrome inks, Cold Press Bright is Epson's entry into the high-end fine art market. Retain vibrancy and texture.

Epson Hot Press Bright

An acid free, 100% cotton rag media with a bright smooth finish. This paper has a smooth matte finish and an extremely-high color gamut and black density.

Heavyweight Bright White!

A smooth paper with a bright white finish, a true heavyweight at 330gsm. 

Moab Photo Matte

A perfectly smooth bright white paper. Can be laminated with both hot & cold presses and is perfect for general photography, portraiture, presentations, posters and graphic art reproduction.

Somerset Velvet

Radiant white paper, which offers vivid color reproduction, and deep, rich blacks for amazing contrast. The texture gently softens the overall effect adding an extra hint of depth to paintings, and a softer edge to photography. This paper is excellent for reproducing watercolor and illustrations.

Paper Size First Print Additional Prints
(from same file)
5 x 5 $17 $10
5 x 7 $17 $10
8 x 8 $23 $14
8 x 10 $23 $14
8 x 12 $25 $15
10 x 10 $25 $15
12 x 12 $27 $17
11 x 14 $30 $20
12 x 18 $35 $25
16 x 16 $40 $30
16 x 20 $45 $35
16 x 24 $55 $40
20 x 20 $60 $40
20 x 24 $65 $45
20 x 30 $75 $50
24 x 30 $90 $65
24 x 36 $110 $75
30 x 30 $110 $75
35 x 35 $130 $90
30 x 40 $130 $90
40 x 40 $140 $100
36 x 48 $150 $110
40 x 50 $160 $125
40 x 60 $195 $150

Tier 2

Ilford Galerie Artist Textured

310 GSM Heavyweight textured paper with wide color gamut and deep color saturation. No optical brighteners, mould made 100% cotton rag paper made in a traditional paper mill. Also known as Galerie Prestige, this is the ultimate artist's presentation paper.

Canson Platine Fibre Rag

Platine Fibre Rag is the combination of premium 100% cotton Platinum paper with the latest microporous coating, making traditional darkroom paper now available for digital printing. Setting the benchmark for Digital Darkroom papers, Platine Fibre Rag provides has a true pure white tone without using optical brighteners that are known to affect the longevity of digitally produced images.

Canson Printmaking Rag (formerly BFK Rives)

The world's number one mould-made printmaking paper, with a unique pure white tone and specific smooth and velvety texture. Designed to meet all gallery and museum longevity requirements. Acid free, 310 GSM, no optical brightening, top of the line quality. Our favorite paper!

Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Photo Rag is the most popular paper chosen by photographers to create high-quality fine art prints. The fine, smooth surface and feel make this paper ideal for printing both black and white and color photographs and art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth. The Hahnemühle name is synonymous with quality in the world of fine art printing.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta

Photo Rag Baryta combines the virtues of a luxury cotton paper and a traditional baryta board. The very fine surface texture with the baryta gloss endows portraits with a, particularly expressive character.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Metallic - NEW!

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Metallic is a silvery-shimmering Fine Art inkjet paper. The natural white cotton paper contains no optical brighteners and has the characteristic Photo Rag surface structure and sumptuous feel. Photo Rag Metallic features a special silvery-shimmering surface finish. Impressive 340 GSM!

Innova Warm Exhibition Gloss

Formerly Innova warm tone fibre, this new version is only glossy in coating. Exhibition Cotton Gloss 335gsm has been developed to meet the aesthetics of the original alternative process Palladium/Platinum techniques. A unique natural white cotton paper with a smooth gloss cotton grained surface.

Paper Size First Print Additional Prints
(from same file)
5 x 5 $20 $12
5 x 7 $20 $12
8 x 8 $30 $20
8 x 10 $30 $20
8 x 12 $32 $22
10 x 10 $32 $22
12 x 12 $34 $25
11 x 14 $35 $26
12 x 18 $40 $30
16 x 16 $50 $35
16 x 20 $60 $45
16 x 24 $65 $50
20 x 20 $70 $50
20 x 24 $75 $55
20 x 30 $90 $65
24 x 30 $105 $75
24 x 36 $115 $85
30 x 30 $115 $85
35 x 35 $140 $110
30 x 40 $140 $110
40 x 40 $155 $125
36 x 48 $175 $135
40 x 50 $185 $145
40 x 60 $210 $160

Finishing option


We offer a variety of high-quality finishing services for small and large imagery. Foamcore and Gatorboard are great options with a fast turnaround for your gallery show, cafe installation or office.

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Bamboo option

Custom Framing

With 30 years of framing experience, we offer skilled and passionate design services at no extra charge. We have hundreds of mouldings, fillets and mat choices, and we’ll help you to create the best possible frame for your piece.

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